DollarSqueeze, a utility centric project that aims to hit 21M BTC supply.

DollarSqueeze lives up to its name by gradually reducing the token supply to 21 million and aiming to surpass the pivotal "one dollar" threshold. Once this milestone is achieved, the project plans to establish an official company in Dubai, allowing it to tap into a crypto-friendly environment and expand its network. We aim to lower the supply from 100 million to 21 million token supply. Currently, we are at a token supply of 81 million and will continue till it reaches 21 Million where we will renounce the contract and set taxes to zero.

To support the rate of the burns, we use 75% of the revenue of all our utilities and future utilities to buy tokens and burn that (some might be used for staking). Dollarsqueeze has a unique way of working because the mission is to release utilities which stand out compared to other utilities in the space. DollarSqueeze will host regular lottery events, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting the chart. The lottery prizes will be funded directly from the developer's personal resources.

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Tokenomics Ethereum

For every BUY transaction we have:


For every SELL transaction we have:


100% LP

How to buy?

We are on the ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN with this contract address:

HandSqueeze - The Social Web3 Platform

For Crypto Enthusiasts

HandSqueeze is a platform akin to Fiverr and Upwork, with a unique focus on the rapidly expanding crypto sector, enabling cryptocurrency transactions within the platform. The aim is to efficiently connect users with credible service providers in the crypto space, ensuring a fast and secure process without relying on personal connections to access services.

Users can join the platform as Project Owners, Service Providers, or both, facilitating seamless collaboration where a project offering services may also require services from another provider.


Community Building
Whitepaper Release
Strategic Marketing Agency Partnership
First Unique Utility Development Plans
Onboarding Influencers
Reach 5,000 Telegram Members
Reach 5,000 Twitter Followers
Launch on Ethereum Network
Start Marketing on Multiple Chains
Open Bridge to Binance Smart Chain
Begin R&D of our upcoming Utility Ecosystem
Start Development of Unique Utility
Test Phase of Unique Utility
Finalizing Development of Unique Utility
Start Development of DeFi Bank
Marketing Unique Utility Followed By Release
Release of DeFi Bank
Marketing DeFi Bank Followed By Release
Research and decided upon the Next Blockchain to Launch DollarSqueeze on
Team Meeting and R&D for our Next Utility
Update all info on website, add new pages to website, provide Chinese and Arabic versions of the website
Target Chinese & Arabic markets (marketing)
New Whitepaper, also in Chinese & Arabic versions
Cause adoption on HandSqueeze Platform
Creation, presale and launch of NFTs
Release Staking Platform
Market Big lottery Event + NFTs
Support Charts by using revenue from NFTs (135 ETH)
Release of HandSqueeze (V1.1)
Reward 226 prizes (135 ETH) including 1 Lamborghini
Creation, Presale and launch of 2nd NFT collection for second lottery
Release of HandSqueeze (1.5)
Start Development of 3rd Unique Utility
Start development of P2E Race Game (Lottery NFTs)
Strategic Partnerships
Release of HandSqueeze (V2), Major Integrations
Release 3rd Unique Utility
Special Milestones
20% of the Supply Burned
25% of the Supply Burned
30% of the Supply Burned

Frequently Asked Questions

Why DollarSqueeze?
We all seek the perfect project, aiming to be early adopters in the next billion-dollar venture that can transform our lives. But often, these promising projects falter due to a lack of dedication. DollarSqueeze is what most have been looking for: a project with strong utilities, a secure development team, and a proven track record of delivery, all backed by our unwavering commitment, 24/7.
How does the token burning process function?
We implement a sales tax structure in which a portion of the proceeds is allocated towards burning tokens, in addition to the 75% of revenue we utilize to further reduce the token supply, ultimately aiming to reach a total of 21 million tokens.
How secure is my investment at DollarSqueeze?
The developers got KYC checks (check website bottom), and the contract will be renounced once the supply reaches 21 million, at which point taxes will be set to 0%. All of our utilities undergo thorough audits to ensure safety. We prioritize investor safety and have implemented multiple layers of security for our utilities. DollarSqueeze was initially created in response to the prevalence of unsafe investments.

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