DollarSqueeze Introduction


A project full of utility and quality.

DollarSqueeze focuses on utility, aiming to go from 100M to 21M Circulating Supply. DollarSqueeze is centered around strong utilities such as DollarSqueeze Deals, Audits, Solutions, Lottery and Staking. With our utilities and NFT revenue we plan to use 75% to buy back and burn tokens, enhancing scarcity and progressing toward our 21M target. With a strong LP and a scarce supply we intend to create a supply shock and at the same time protect our users from investors hurting the chart.

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Our Token

You can buy $DSQ on Ethereum with the following tokenomics.
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DollarSqueeze Lambo NFT

Mint Your NFT

And Win a Lambo.

DollarSqueeze is hosting the most extensive and generous lottery event ever witnessed in the realm of cryptocurrency. We are offering a chance to win 226 prizes for individuals who possess one of the 5,000 Lamborghini NFT's. Each NFT is priced at 0.027 ETH, and this amount will be directly reinvested into the chart through buybacks and burns. Which means that $250,000 will get injected into the chart from the NFT's revenue generated.

DollarSqueeze Staking

Earn Passive Income.

DollarSqueeze Staking is a specially designed platform for loyal token holders seeking to generate passive income through staking. This unique staking platform enables users to use our Lamborghini NFT's, thereby enhancing their Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The APY increases for stakers based on the number of Lamborghini NFT's held (1, 5, 10) and the duration of token locking (1, 3, 6 months).

We also offer the ability to withdraw tokens (while still earning passive income without relocking them) once the lock period ends, allowing users to harvest passive income on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This feature exemplifies the freedom we give to our holders to benefit without relocking their tokens.

Click the button below to acquire your NFT's, boosting your APY and gaining an opportunity to win one of the 226 lottery prizes. These NFT's will also play a crucial role in our upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) Race Game, where they can be summoned for to race with.

DollarSqueeze Deals

The Social Web3 Platform.

DollarSqueeze Deals is a platform akin to Fiverr and Upwork, with a unique focus on the rapidly expanding crypto sector, enabling cryptocurrency transactions within the platform. The aim is to efficiently connect users with credible service providers in the crypto space, ensuring a fast and secure process without relying on personal connections to access services.

Users can join the platform as Project Owners, Service Providers, or both, facilitating seamless collaboration where a project offering services may also require services from another provider.

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Our Roadmap

We just keep on delivering.