DollarSqueeze Deals

The Social Web3 Platform

DollarSqueeze Deals is a platform akin to Fiverr and Upwork, with a unique focus on the rapidly expanding crypto sector, enabling cryptocurrency transactions within the platform. The aim is to efficiently connect users with credible service providers in the crypto space, ensuring a fast and secure process without relying on personal connections to access services.

Users can join the platform as Project Owners, Service Providers, or both, facilitating seamless collaboration where a project offering services may also require services from another provider.

How to use?

Complete your first deal in just a few steps

Effortlessly register your account, add security, generate a wallet address, create your services and set up your profile within a few minutes.
Connect to the desired service provider by going to the "Network" page and start finding service providers such as influencers, auditors, content creators and much more.
Once the connection has been established, simply select a deal and commence the deal flow, allowing users to engage in chat, negotiation, and securely conduct transactions on the platform.
Commence earning by successfully completing deals and delivering services in the correct manner. You can soon boost your earnings by advancing your rank through accumulated loyalty points and by referring individuals to the platform.

Join our Network

Start using the network

Effortlessly create your profile and list your services. This ensures visibility within our network, allowing others to discover and initiate connections with you. Our network comprises verified users, and even if they are not verified, our escrow system provides protection when completing a deal.

Connect and complete deal

Utilize DollarSqueeze Deals now to fulfill your project’s requirements or to offer the necessary services within the space. Connect instantly with individuals or projects offering services within the crypto space, including influencers, YouTubers, content creators, auditors, developers, and others providing services.


Setup your services and start selling

After establishing your account, you can navigate to the "Services" tab to begin adding services and customizing them according to your preferences. You have the flexibility to set up multiple services, and there is no need for further adjustments when negotiations arise.

Additionally, we have implemented the option to modify a service one time during the deal flow, in which case a new price can be negotiated between the buyer and seller.

How to Make a Deal

Request a Deal
After finding the required service provider, you can initiate a connection request by clicking on the "make a connection" button. Once the user accepts the connection, you can proceed to select one of the available services and enter the deal flow.
Throughout the deal flow, a chatbot will be accessible for communication and discussion regarding the deal. The deal flow allows for negotiations by using the chatbot, and the seller can effortlessly modify the price on the same page, eliminating the need for both the buyer and seller to navigate away from the deal flow page. Once a new price is mutually agreed upon, the buyer can proceed to initiate fund transfers.
Deliver and Confirm
Once the funds have been sent, the responsibility falls on the seller to commence the service and fulfill the delivery. Following the delivery, the buyer can review and approve the service. Subsequently, the seller can claim the funds, marking the completion of the deal.
Request Refund
What if the seller does not respond, deliver, tries to scam? The buyer can cancel the deal if the funds has not been sent yet. If the funds have been sent and the seller does not deliver what has been agreed upon, the buyer can request a refund and file a report and submit that. DollarSqueeze Deals admins will directly get notified and start an investigation where they can enter the deal flow and view the chat and what went wrong and even join the chatbox to ask questions about what went wrong and why.

Security Measures

We provide Multiple Layers of Security

Audit conducted by ContractWolf
In addition to the existing security measures that already safeguard the platform's usage, we have performed an additional audit on DollarSqueeze Deals, covering the entire platform to enhance its overall security. It is important to note that we will also commission another audit by our in-house auditors at our upcoming audit center, "Squeeze Audits."
Audits on the Wallet Generator
External libraries are monitored for vulnerability, and tools including SonarCloud, Github CodeQL and SecretsScanner are used to analyze our code. Additionally, all of our smart contracts are audited by NonceAudit and LeastAuthority.
Wallet PinCode
Ability to add a pincode to your generated wallet.
2 Factor Authentication
For extra security on your DollarSqueeze Deals profile for logging in.
DollarSqueeze Deals Escrow Wallet
To guarantee secure transactions, DollarSqueeze Deals provides an escrow wallet, preventing the loss of funds and ensuring the successful delivery of the products.

We reward Loyalty

Start earning loyalty points and benefit more

We are introducing a loyalty program that offers significant benefits to our sellers. By using our platform effectively, including completing deals and referring buyers and sellers through personal referral links, users can earn loyalty points. The more loyalty points a seller accumulates, the higher their rank on the platform. As a seller’s rank increases, they gain more exposure and trust from potential buyers, which leads to more deals and opportunities.

In a win-win scenario, when sellers promote Dollar Squeeze and its platform by tweeting about it, they will receive a boost in loyalty points. This not only rewards sellers for their advocacy but also increases Dollar Squeeze’s exposure.