Win a Lambo

DollarSqueeze is hosting the most extensive and generous lottery event ever witnessed in the realm of cryptocurrency. DollarSqueeze is offering a chance to win 226 prizes for individuals who possess one of the 5,000 Lamborghini NFT's. Each NFT is priced at 0.027 ETH (about $50), and this amount will be directly reinvested into the chart through buybacks and burns. Which means that $250,000 will get injected into the chart from the NFT's revenue generated.

5,000 available

0.027 ETH each

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Lottery Prizes

DollarSqueeze is set to bestow the grand prize of One Lamborghini upon a single fortunate winner. But fear not, as there are 225 other prizes eagerly waiting to be claimed by participants. This is why DollarSqueeze stands as the most generous host of lottery events. Your chances of winning here are an impressive 1 in 22!

Prize Pool
One Lamborghini (Model to be Announced)
25 prizes of $2,000 each
100 prizes of $1,000 each
100 prizes of $500 each
Charity Projects
We will be allocating 10 prizes of $5,000 each to various charitable causes, which include:
  • Cancer Research
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Research
  • Diabetes Research
  • Animal Support
  • Child Support
  • Support for Mother Nature
  • The establishment of 15 water wells for villages in need
  • Three more causes, as chosen by the community
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NFT Use Cases

What will become of your Lamborghini NFT's once the lottery draws to a close?
Rest assured, we have devised exciting plans for the continued utility of these NFT's.

Integration with P2E Game
We are currently in the process of developing a Play-to-Earn Game, which will enable you to summon your Lamborghini NFT within the gaming environment.

The development of this game starts at $1.
Exclusive NFT Set
Your Lamborghini NFT holds a pivotal role as the cornerstone of a unique NFT set. While more NFT collections are on the horizon, this particular set will exclusively function in our utilities, provided you possess the Lamborghini NFT. This means that, for instance, if we have four collections, they will remain inactive without the Lamborghini NFT. This strategic approach enhances the value and allure of the Lamborghini NFT, providing a strong incentive for acquisition.<br><br>In the P2E game, you'll have the privilege of summoning your Lamborghini NFT, opening the door to a world of multiple mini-games.
Furthermore, our vision encompasses the expansion of this gaming platform into a more advanced, open-world experience where you can interact with other players. As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your virtual vehicle, making it faster and more competitive on the tracks.

Moreover, within the game, you will have the opportunity to stake your DSQ tokens, presenting the chance to increase your $DSQ token holdings significantly. And that's not the end of the excitement – in each race, there will be a token burn, further enhancing the value and scarcity of $DSQ tokens!

Exciting times lie ahead as we aim to maximize the utility and enjoyment of your Lamborghini NFT's. Stay tuned for further developments!